Nice to meet you.

So, you may be asking, what is Brandenstein?

You could say Brandenstein is the one that's waiving his hand at you right now, but let’s introduce him properly.

Brandenstein is everything we imagine our brand to be: fun, innovative and most importantly, he is not Frankenstein!

Meaning that even if he is a mix of different things (a brand & a human being), he’s so much more beautiful!

I think you can agree with that.

Flip Brandenstein’s hobbies
Video Games

Brandenstein plays video games for fun, especially when it rains outside on weekends. His favorite game is The Witcher 3. It’s not so obvious, is it?


It’s not a good day for Brand Sprint and Design Sprint if there is not even a donut on the table. Brandenstein knows it so well!


Brandenstein has got a nice backpack where he takes everything he needs with him on a journey for memorable moments!

The Story

The remark

Brandenstein has always been interested in new innovative things that are coming out. As things evolved and he started making his way into the design world, he learned more about branding and design sprint.

Brandenstein begin seeing things differently, discerning brands a lot better, he noticed that some startups don’t take advantage of their website, story and messaging, their brand ending up looking like any other SaaS brand and their product losing customers.

A brand puzzle-mess

Brandenstein felt that there's a hidden need for these startups to connect with their customers very deeply, especially at the beginning of their journey. He believes that the main reasons there’s a gap between their customers and their product are these:

  • their messaging is wrong - even if there’s market fit, the customers fail to understand the value they could get by using the product
  • the brand design looks so much different than the product
  • by looking at their website, the customers don’t know if the product is made for them .. or their grandma
Meet the Brandenstein team

Andreea Encuțescu

Brand Experience Designer


Gabriela Gurgui

Digital Illustrator


“In today’s world, a brand is not just the face of a company, but a personification of it. We made it our mission to empower startups to reach a wider audience through their brand personality. We use Brand Sprint together with Design Sprint (developed at Google Ventures) and Brand Experience to design your brand from the inside-out.

Innovation, change and doing the unexpected are some of our core values and we assume they are yours too!”

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