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Gabriela Gurgui

Digital Illustrator

23 Apr, 2020

Every day we are forced to make decisions, especially when we're a part of a team. Imagine a scenario where different opinions are said out loud through a group debate, and many opinions remain untold or even worse, neglected.

That's why we use workshops so that we all have the chance to come up with solutions, none of them being forgotten. Everyone is an expert, and every idea counts.

What is the 1-hour workshop demo?

It is basically a 1 hour workshop where we together with you and your team solve problems, prioritize them and take decisions. The idea of this exercise is that it helps everyone align and decide on a path moving forward.

And it is called a 'demo' because we want to prove you that workshops just work so much better than meetings.

1. Finding the problems

We start by mentioning the problems one by one. Everyone shares their idea through a sticky note where the problem is named.

  • Time-boxing - We use a timer for each exercise to keep us accountable for focusing on the right things, and getting things done fast.
  • Individual work - Everyone is encouraged to come up with their own idea undisturbed.
  • No talking - We talk only when it is necessary, and focus on getting things done.
2. Positive Things

We draw a sailboat to make the exercise more anchored into the real world. What's beneath the water, are the problems that are not seen, and what is above the water represents the things that are working.

At this part, everyone will start by writing down all the positive things. When time is up, we place them above the water while every person's reading out loud their thoughts, but without discussions.

  • Visual Time Tracker - The best ideas come up when you don't have quite enough time.
  • Everyone's an expert - Everyone specializes in something, and everyone is equal. The process promotes everyone's opinion at the same level.
  • Focus on the good points - It's more healthy and objective to encourage your mind to generate positive ideas at the beginning.
3. The challenges

Now we ask the team "what's holding us back? What's negative?". Like in the previous exercise, we'll ask everyone to write as many negative things as they can on sticky notes. After that, we place them all under the water.

  • Thinking Subjectively - Everybody writes their thoughts based on their own subjectivity.
  • Generating as many ideas as you can - It's very important to see what doesn't work properly or what causes frustration for your team.
  • Work with tangible ideas - We use sticky notes to present our ideas.
4. Voting on the biggest challenges

In the end, everyone votes the biggest challenges by putting 2-3 dots per person on the sticky notes they consider that are important.

  • You can be subjective - Everyone votes based on their own subjectivity.
  • Prioritizing - It's important to see what's the root problem, to find out the things that you didn't know.
  • Time-Boxing - You have a limited time where you can vote, what will instantly bother you, that's the problem to vote for.
5. Turning the challenges into opportunities

We turn the problems into what we call a 'How Might We' statement. This is a way to phrase a challenge as an opportunity and see what we are possibly heading to.

  • Increasing the awareness - The scope of this exercise is to make the real problems to be noticed.
  • A clearer view - Now we are facing the truth, now we see clearly an issue that many people are having.
  • Positive thinking - We challenge our minds to see the problems as opportunities that can help the business grow.
6. Coming up with solutions

The entire team has to come up with solutions now while writing individually on sticky notes. When time is out, everyone votes with a limited number of red bullets per each person. The voting is based on their own subjectivity, and the point is to have a few quick solutions at the end.

  • Working Together - Now our minds are connected to solve the same problem.
  • Producing Solutions - The scope is to come up with as many ideas as you can, everyone's idea counts.
  • Voting - Everyone's voting based on their subjactivetly.
7. Deciding what to execute on

This exercise is meant to help us figure out which ideas are worth trying, and if they are practical. That's why we make an impact-effort scale and place every note on each ax, so we can see objectively the situation.

  • Effort Level - It's how much time and energy we think it will take to implement that idea.
  • Impact Level - It's the degree to which we think it would solve our problem.
  • Objective Thinking - We'll find out which ideas are the most practical and can be implemented at this moment, while putting aside the others for later.
8. Make solutions actionable

The moderator now takes the solution from the Effort/Impact scale, top left corner, and asks the team to come up with 3 actionable steps towards testing the solution.

  • Don't overthink - The exercise should be made very fast and also motivate people to get started.
  • Be realistic - Not all the suggestions will help the actual problem, but it stimulates the team members to make a habit of generating ideas.
  • The idea will be tested - The team members will come back after a few weeks and will talk about their experiences.


We facilitate this exercise for you, and your team, to show you how our process looks like in general. We want to show you how quickly you can move past many meetings that you should have participated in only to solve the problems you are currently facing. In just 1 hour, you have the solution to execute on.

After that, you decide if you want to go with us for your other project and if this process fits you, but we bet it surely will.


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