About the client

Small & innovative branding team

Brandenstein is a small branding team that helps startups differentiate through their brand personality with the help of a new branding process that gets things done fast.

The challenge

Innovating without alienating

The solution

Emotionally connect & present the solution

Results & Outcomes

People involved:

Andreea Encutescu

Brand Experience Designer

Gabriela Gurgui

Digital Illustrator

Project date:

March 2020 - April 2020

Brand Personality

Meet Brandenstein, the unusual leader

We do something innovative and present ideas and processes people would have not thought of till now, so we chose the perfect personality type. It focuses on showing empathy for our customers’ needs and leads them into another business direction.

Mascot & Illustrations

The goal was to embody our brand into one character that could share our core values: innovation, creativity & the power of change.

The Sketching Part

Having the chosen personality in mind, we mixed different words to result in one idea that might fit the brand.

Exploring The Idea

Once we had a sketch, the next step consisted of creating a character that is neither animal nor human for bringing differentiation from other brands' mascots.

Developing the character

With the concept chosen, we changed some anatomical parts to create a better balance between human-like characteristics and the animal ones.

We also added white teeth to carry an optimistic feeling all the time.

The final mascot

We incorporated the brand traits into Brandenstein’s outfit and physical appearance, to make it feel real and tangible for the audience.



Personality traits

Brandenstein is as natural as possible in any context, showing his true personality to everybody.

Brandenstein’s Hobbies



Frankenstein, but not quite

Brand + enstein

Because we give personality to brands, and then we bring them to life as a genius we are.

Logo Design

Brandenstein’s face as a logo

brand messaging

Setting the tone of voice

ux writing

Explaining what we do

We used illustrations and visual elements to explain what we do in simple terms, but the UX writing played a higher role into this due to our unusual process.



Works at Brandenstein

“I am so thankful that I was brought to life by my team. I'm very happy with the result, I am handsome and beautiful now! I couldn't have done all of this by myself, so glad for this team of amazing people! ..now I can conquer the world :)”

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